• The Republican Post Launch

    The RP LaunchOctober 18th, 2012
    The Republican Post Informer officially launches and begins its journey to not only find the truth but even more importantly, to find solutions to America's problems.

The Republic Post

Established originally in 2008, the Republic Post is dedicated to reporting the facts from all sides, on all the issues in U.S. Politics today. To break down the core issues and address the many failings in a system wrought with them and in doing so, arming our citizens with the knowledge and truth, in order … Continue reading

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Billionaire Thomas Peterffy Publishes Anti-Socialism Political Advertisement

By Edwin Durgy Interactive Brokers Group founder and CEO, Thomas Peterffy. On October 10th Interactive Brokers Group founder and CEO Thomas Peterffy posted a video to his eponymous YouTube account titled “Freedom To Succeed.” In the minute long spot the Hungarian-born billionaire briefly shares his personal history before guiding the viewer through a lesson in basic economics. If … Continue reading

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Obama and Romney Split Early Newspaper Endorsements

By Greg Mitchell As I wrote earlier this month, I’ll be tracking newspaper endorsements in the presidential race here, along with my assistant Steven Hsieh.  This harkens back to my days as editor of Editor & Publisher when we provided the definitive count.  I hold that they do matter, at least a little, citing my … Continue reading

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